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By Sarah Walker 20 Jul, 2017

Skip has teamed up with CafeSmart in an exciting move! 

We’re pulling together the forces of good coffee, goodwill and good-old community spirit to help those experiencing homelessness. 

You might not know that 42% of people experiencing homelessness are under 25. 

CafeSmart and it’s generous band of cafes are supporting amazing organisations like Youth Futures to help these young people. 

“With the support from CafeSmart, we are able to provide young people with care packs which include a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, a brush, deodorant, underpants and socks. You would be amazed with the transformation and confidence that can occur immediately once a young person has had access to a good meal, a warm shower and a safe place to sleep for the night." – Youth Futures. 

By Sarah Walker 04 Jul, 2017
If you had the power to never wait again, would you use it? Most people would say, “of course!”, some may say, “nah, waiting isn’t that bad” but we just think, “why wouldn’t you?” So, we’ll ask you a different question; if you could skip the wait every time you order food and coffee from Australia’s best cafes, would you? Of course you would. 

Skip is more than an app that lets you quit queueing for coffee and food. I mean it's pretty great that you can pre-order and pay to save you heaps of time in your busy day, but there's so much more to it.

Throw away your wallet coffee lovers; they’re so 2016 (and we all know how that year went... it was the Blend 43  of years.) Skip lets you pay securely online so you can forget about having cash or your wallet next time the need for coffee and food strikes. If your food and coffee is a tax deduction, or you just enjoy keeping track of your expenditure, you'll love Skip’s weekly invoice outlining your expenses.

Skip is also a brilliant way to discover your nearest waitless coffee when you’re exploring new cities or suburbs. If you’ve wandered off the edge of your coffee map, just jump into Skip, tap SEE NEARBY VENUES and it’ll show you a list of your nearest venues and how far away they are – how good is that? Just tap on the venue for its address and other helpful information such as their brand of coffee or soy milk, opening hours and venue amenities such as parking, wheelchair access, pet-friendly, pram friendly, etc.

Are you the type of person that gets a rush when the barista tells you they have a loyalty program? Sweet! Just 14 more coffees until that free one. So you diligently slug coffees striving for that freebie, until one day, just two cups shy of that magic 15th coffee, you’re hanging out the washing. "What’s that pulpy mess in my pocket" you wonder? That’s 2016 calling for it’s outdated loyalty card, my friend. This would never happen with Skip. It has built-in loyalty so you never need to keep track of it. And even if you put your phone through the wash, your Skip loyalty will be waiting for you on your new phone. So when you reach your loyalty goal, order a coffee as usual and your loyalty reward will automatically be redeemed for that delicious free coffee. Magic!

(By the way Kinship & Co in Melbourne’s CBD gives you a free coffee every 5th order.)
By Andy Summons 03 Apr, 2017

Skip is having an exclusive pop-up this Friday the 7th of April 8am-11am only. 

This is your opportunity to enjoy  Black Star Pastry's famous Strawberry Watermelon cake in the CBD as part of this year’s Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. On Friday morning from 8am, you can pre-order on Skip and pick up   your treats at the House of Food & Wine - 361 Little Lonsdale St , Melbourne CBD.

By Andy Summons 27 Mar, 2017

Melbourne food and wine lovers assemble! We’re super excited to let you know we've partnered with MFWF!

At this year's River Graze event on South Bank, you can pre-order on Skip and bypass the queues.  
River Graze offers the opportunity to enjoy some of Australia's best food and wine  from Friday 31st March - Sunday 2nd April. You can also save $1 off a souvenir tasting glass for the C ity Cellar and Southgate Cider Orchard  tastings when you order it on Skip.

By Andy Summons 19 Mar, 2017

Order your drinks on Skip at the Aus Grand Prix for your chance to win 1 of 3 $50 Skip coffee vouchers. Simply place an order on Skip from the 5 bars at the Aus GP, and you’re in the running to win. We’ll randomly select and announce a winner 12pm on 27/3/16. The winner will be contacted by email and announced on Instagram. Read our T+Cs here .

By Andy Summons 17 Mar, 2017

This how-to guide is for new Skipsters who want to learn how to use Skip and make the most of Skip’s awesome features. 
Skip is intuitive by design so you can probably work it out on your own but this in-depth get started guide will help you quickly become a Skip master.  If you have any unanswered questions after this guide, shout out and our Australian-based support team will help you.  

By Andy Summons 16 Mar, 2017
If you had the power to never wait again, would you use it? Sure you would. So, we’ll ask you a totally unrelated or leading question, if you could walk into Australia’s best cafes and have your coffee and favourite food ready for you to grab and leave without having to pay, would you? Sure you would. So what are you waiting for? Download Skip and start skipping.
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