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Aside from making your life easier, saving you time and letting you cut the line, Skip has loads of other features, settings, tips and tricks that are sure to make your day (and your life in general) a whole lot easier.

Here’s some of our favourite Skip hacks worth checking out before your next order:

By Skip Stories 20 Dec, 2017
Christmas trees are up again, countless floors are covered in tinsel, xmas lights are flashing in living rooms and of course, the drinks are flowing at work xmas parties across the country. Yes, another year is almost over and the summer holiday season is here to enjoy! With a million different things to do, it can be hard to find time to catch up with friends or enjoy a quiet moment to yourself. Thankfully, the team at Skip have put together this handy list of 12 east coast venues where you can use our app to skip the queue, enjoy exclusive loyalty rewards, pay for your order without cash and embrace the delicious food and drink on offer.
By Skip Stories 07 Dec, 2017
Kale chips and cronuts, freak shakes and acai – while still drawing in the crowds, they’re sort of old news. If you’re wondering what the next big things in food and bev trends will be you’re in the right place! Join us as we talk through what’s trending up and down the Aussie east coast.

With health consciousness now being accepted and properly appreciated in society, you can get away with ordering almost any drink you choose without the judgement of your peers – phew! More and more Aussies are going alcohol-free or taking a break from the booze, and to meet the demand the number of non-alcoholic beverages on offer when you’re out and about are only continuing to rise.

Next time you go reaching for that pint, schooner or glass of bubbles; be a little more adventurous and try out one of the many herbal teas, pressed juices, coconut waters, kombucha and other gut-friendly, probiotic-filled goodies that are packed with flavour – minus the nasties.

Alternative lattes
There’s nothing new about dairy free milk options, but when it comes to the classic latte some spots have been spotted taking alternative variations to a whole other level.

From turmeric or golden lattes that are said to possess healing and nourishing qualities, to more experimental and buzz-worthy blue algae or beetroot variations, choosing your morning brew just got a whole lot harder!

If the charcoal theme creeping into many cafés, restaurants and bars is anything to go by, black is well, the new black. If you haven’t already encountered the charcoal influx just yet, it’s likely to come your way soon enough.

Aside from the digestive cleansing benefits activated charcoal is said to have, it sure does get people talking (or gawking from the next table). Expect to find it in any number of forms from burger buns to pressed juices and even fish and chips.

Cookie Dough
Remember all those times you bought the pre-made cookie dough roll and ate it raw? Well now you can and enjoy this sugary treat in all its uncooked glory without the guilt or worry of getting ill! Everyone’s going crazy for cookie dough right now and we anticipate it’s a trend that will only continue to grow in popularity.
By Skip Stories 06 Nov, 2017

Did you hear the news? Skip is making an appearance at this year’s Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne once more! Make your race day experience a breeze by pre-ordering your morning coffee, drinks and food from selected venues onsite at Flemington.

Read on to discover how it works so you’re well prepared and enjoy some tips to help you survive the carnival ahead!

By Skip Stories 23 Oct, 2017

Greetings Skipsters!

It’s only a little while until the Melbourne Cup Carnival kicks off and we wanted to make sure you had everything you need.

Tickets? Check
Outfit? Check
Skip? ...

Wait you haven’t heard? Well this year, Skip is back at the Melbourne Cup Carnival - and we’ve only gotten bigger and better. To celebrate, we’ve put together some special offers that we think you’ll love. 

By Skip Stories 13 Oct, 2017
Hey there Skipsters,

November is just around the corner and you know what that means… Emirates Melbourne Cup Day! This year, we’re back at the Melbourne Cup Carnival – bigger and better than ever.

If you hate long lines (we do too), you’ll be glad to hear that we’ve partnered with six different bars to give you the VIP experience. Simply pre-order your drinks, then breeze past the crowd.

But that’s not the best news. We’re also offering some pretty amazing experiences. It’s our way of saying thanks for being such awesome human beings.
By Skip Stories 14 Sep, 2017
Sydneysiders, we’re popping up left right and centre. Check out 10 of our newest venues we’re convinced you’ll love next time you’re in need of a bite or drink. Live life in the espresso lane: order ahead on Skip and never wait for food and coffee again.
By Skip Stories 25 Aug, 2017
…and scroll down for our latest Happy hour details :)
By Skip Stories 03 Aug, 2017

We feel like we’re winning today!

Skip is proud to be gracing the pages of Smudge Eats latest publication 'Specialty Coffee Melbourne' which beautifully depicts the complex specialty coffee scene here in Melbourne. Inside its pages you'll discover some of Melbourne’s best cafes, roasters and baristas, taking yourself on the ultimate coffee journey.

You could feel like you’re winning too because we’ve got 10 of these beauties to give away, along with 10 x $50 Skip vouchers.  This hardcover book (valued at $50) is one that you'll be proud to put on your coffee table.

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